crowns1A crown is a tooth-shaped ‘cap’ that’s placed over the entire visible portion of your tooth. A crown will look; feel and function just like any of your other teeth. Crowns are the ideal way to restore broken teeth or teeth that have been weakened by decay or have had large fillings in the past.

Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons.

1. You may have a large filling and would like to improve the look and appearance of the tooth.
2. It can be used to hold a bridge or denture in place more firmly.
3. You may have had root canal treatment and what is left of the tooth needs protection.
The porcelain used is the same as that used for veneers so they are strong and look just as natural. Being made of porcelain means that they do not leave a black line at the gun level as seen in so many conventional crowns.